Montag, 19. Oktober 2009

I've got mail

my name is Laura Jiménez and I'm the photography chief editor of Magis, an academic and journalistic magazine from Mexico. I found this picture in Flickr and I'd love to publish it in our magazine to illustrate an article about working mom's. I think that your photo is beautiful, strong but tender at the same time. If you're interested please contact me and send your photo in high resolution (bigest size you can) to: Hopefully it could make a commentary about the context photo to also publish it, a brief description of the image.Of course the credit would be yours and we will send you the magazine once it is published. Here's our link if you want to know about us: I really hope that you can cooperate with us. This image deserves to be published.

Greetings from Mexico.

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Angelika Westermann hat gesagt…

Na gratuliere! Du wirst ja immer internationaler.
Dein Garn ist übrigens angekommen, vielen Dank dafür, und auch für die schöne Karte von Jeannie. Sie hat so ein goldiges Gesicht!
Gruß, Angelika