Donnerstag, 19. April 2007

What a Day

First Samate/Gabi send me this old Picture from me and Fraenky at work.
After this, I felt that Negrita was not going well - I went with her to the vet.
Can You believe, that Pet's are going depress? Negrita has pain and so she got medicine. I hope she feel better tomorrow.
There are other Problems they must be solved - soon - however, today they have given to me a migraine. After I get medicine I sit in front of my Mac and surf a little bit around and stuck. So many Blogs I love to read, to day you MUST go to this Blogs:
They show wonderful works which very much inspire me and give me the feeling:
All the same, how big the problem is also, my creativity cannot be taken from me - good night.

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